Should the government allow you to sign up for a do-not-track list?

They are always watching... (creepy)

Contrary to popular belief, surfing anonymously through the internet does not stop tracking companies from monitoring what websites you visit, what you buy, what articles you read or what adverts you happen to click on. This is used to profile you and the information sold to advertising firms and…. presto, hello spam! Many people, including myself, feel so exposed in these situations. Makes you question how safe it is to use online banking or to do online shopping, doesn’t it? With all the sensitive information that surges through the internet every second, you can only imagine what evil could be going on beyond your modem (creepy). I think people should at least be given the option to be hidden from tracking companies; being tracked without your knowledge should be a violation of your privacy. On the flipside, the tracking technology can be a real resource in law enforcement and criminal investigation; and possibly without it some cases might not be resolved, after all crime has also crept into the internet arena. So maybe locking tracking information from companies and letting it be, exclusively, used for criminal investigation purposes might probably be the way forward. Would you want to be given the option to go “private” and why? Let me know. Cheers!


~ by knok89 on May 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Should the government allow you to sign up for a do-not-track list?”

  1. great job man your post is an eye opener

  2. i agree with the notion regarding tracking crime. i also strongly feel that every human being is entitled to privacy hence we should all be allowed to sign up for it…
    he he 🙂 with love kits

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